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VOLUME #15 of the legendary power pop series is here and it's one of the best compilations yet! 67 tracks of known and unknown power pop bands from around the globe create a universal listening experience! THE LINE UP INCLUDES: SHOES, FIREKING, PRIVATE JETS, THE REFLECTIONS, THE ISSUE, THE SEASONGS, THE JOOLES, THE SECRETS, CLOCKWISE, THE POUNDERS, SHPLANG, KING WASHINGTON, THE AFTERNOONS, THE SHIRTS, NUSHU, PLASTICSOUL, SUSAN HEDGES, LIAR'S CLUB, ROBIN STANLEY, THE POZERS, THE AIRWAVES, JEREMY, THE TOR GUIDES, SWEET DISS AND THE COMEBACKS, THE BEAT RATS, THE MAYFLOWERS, DAVE RAVE, LILY SPARKS, CAPTAIN SUNRISE, and many more! Get this while you can...these compilations are known to sell out fairly quickly! Highly recommended to power pop fans of course!

Sound Samples:
Summers Green - The Tour Guides
Sweet Sorrow - The Foreign Films
Taken - Lisa Mychols
Make Up Your Mind - Robin Stanley
Something About You - Jeremy
Cat's Boro Blues! - The Mayflowers
Give It A Chance - Go Time


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