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The RECORDS - ROTATE (Deluxe Edition) +BONUS

***NEW RELEASE***SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: SIGNED AUTOGRAPHED COPIES OF THIS new CD by THE RECORDS!!!*** The newly improved deluxe edition of ROTATE by THE RECORDS is a must own with new previously unreleased tracks!~ THIS IS *the version* you want to own. IT INCLUDES A BRAND NEW AWESOME VERSION OF "STARRY EYES" one of their greatest tracks! Also, this edition has wonderful sound mastering that blows away any previous issues. (For those in the know, the Records make wonderful power pop tunes that merges the best of the BYRDS and BEATLES classic sounds. Lot of guitar jangle and cool vocal harmonies make this very pleasing to our ears! The songs are wonderful and the music is timeless! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! GRADE A

Sound Samples:
Oh Yeah!
Different Shades of Green
That Girl Is Emily
Desert Sky
Starry Eyes


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