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NEW RELEASE: JUNE 2013 Chicago power pop is alive and well! Power pop veteran PHIL ANGOTTI has just released his 10th full length cd! ...and his consistently great sound and style is fully intact. At times PHIL sounds like the near cousin of MATERIAL ISSUE front man Jim Ellison. But most of all PHIL is a huge BEATLE-Maniac...and that traditional sound has permanently fused it's way into his music. Songs like "I might come back" for example sounds like it was lifted straight off the "REVOLVER" LP by the fab four. Of the 12 new songs here..one is a remake "TOO LATE TOMORROW" The original version was great but perhaps PHIL has improved the audio on this track, taking it up a notch! Great songs either way, you can't go wrong here. The album is a nice mix of rockers "-- I see spaceships" and ballads ---" Goodbye Never Said" This disc sports a cool variety of sounds and styles...never boring and always mixing up the pace. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Sound Samples:
Hopeful Kids
Unusual Me
Difficult World
My Life In Rhymes
In Liverpool
Goodbye Never Said
I See Spaceships


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