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  (CANADIAN IMPORT) New for late 2015 , this is #3 release for the excellent DOT DASH! Here's what THE BIG TAKEOVER has to say about this band "Produced by Mitch Easter, and blasting with power pop authority, Dot Dash mints idyllic pop like The Jam's update of the 65'66 WHO. Exhilarating!" --Jack Rabid. And while this is true, the band also sounds a bit like SWERVEDRIVER! (No surprise the drummer of DOT DASH previously drummed for that band!) Other sonic influences include: Ride, The Stone Roses, Teenage Fanclub, Let's Active (Mitch Easter produced so that's no surprise either) THE CHURCH...yes, there's that beautiful jangly guitar again! This is one fine band that is both gentle and power in the same breath! Something you don't want to miss. Take the plunge on this one!


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